Polish Citizenship

In general, you can obtain Polish citizenship through:

  • Confirmation

    For people who have not renewed their Polish passports for more than 10 years after the expiration date, or descendants of Polish citizens, who can prove their blood relation to a national of Poland. The application may be filed with the competent Provincial Governor’s Office or a Polish Consulate.

    Confirmation is by far the most common way to obtain Polish citizenship

  • Documents required for the Confirmation Application include:

    • Birth, marriage, and death certificates of the applicant and ancestor(s)
    • Government issued documents
          (e.g. a Polish passport, ID Card, school certificates, military records)
    • U.S. Naturalization certificates
    • Bios of the applicant and ancestor(s)
  • After Polish citizenship is confirmed…

    You will need to register your birth and obtain a Polish birth certificate. If you are married also register your marriage. The last step is to get a PESEL number (an equivalent of a US SSN) and apply for a Polish passport.

  • Granting

    Foreigners can be granted Polish citizenship by the President of Poland if they have a compelling reason or permanently reside in Poland; it is a long process and the President’s decision may not be appealed. For example, in recent years Polish citizenship was granted to a number of foreign soccer players playing for Polish teams.

  • Recognition

    Applies to foreigners who permanently reside in Poland, are married to a national of Poland, or have a refugee status in Poland; the application is filed with the competent Provincial Governor’s Office and passing a Polish language test may be required.

  • Restoration

    For Polish nationals who, for different reasons, lost their Polish citizenship before January 1, 1999. The application is filed with the Minister of the Interior.

Why do you need PLUS, LLC?

For the citizenship application all non-Polish documents need to be translated into Polish. Poland requires that the translation be done by a sworn translator, registered with the Ministry of Justice in Poland. Our office provides in-house English into Polish sworn translations and works with sworn translators of other languages, if necessary.

PLUS, LLC can assist at every step of the process: from genealogical research, through gathering and translating the necessary documentation, filing the application and delivering the Confirmation Decision. We have everything it takes to get you a Polish passport. Please email or call us at (630) 607 0460.